Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Drum Roll Please................

Here it is! The first but not last contest here at Digging Up Your Roots!!!....and this contest is an easy one!!!...
I decided to make the prize for this contest to be Ontario, Canada related!

send an email to beaukim@msn.com (in the body of the email plz put in where you're from ex. Tilbury, Ontario, Warwickshire,England, Texas,U.S.A - this way I will have some idea as where I should base prizes on for future contests) I will reply to each email so you know for certain that you are entered.

I will draw one name from all who entered. Winner will be announced on Jan. 20 2005! I will email the winner to get shipping address.

Now here is the prize!!!
Roman Catholic Marriage Registers in Ontario 1828 - 1870 - Compiled by Renie A. Rumple
10 Map Set - Ontario Counties in 1852 by Thomas Maclear

a quick preview as to what is coming up tomorrow! I will posting my search for ODELL's in Warwickshire. What a hunt that has been!!

take care


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