Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Links, Links and MORE Links

here are some of the links I mentioned in an earlier post, hopefully they will be able to help one of you out. They are various in nature!

Ontario GenWeb - Covering all counties in Ontario, there is alot of useful info!
National Archives of Canada - index to the 1871 census can be found here, military papers from the First World War, immigration database, 1901 Census etc
Rootsweb - huge assortment of databases, as well as message boards for all over the world and surname message boards
Free BMD - birth, marriage and death registrations for England and Wales. They need VOLUNTEERS!!
Genuki - covers all counties of England including Wales. Well worth checking out

well there are a few of my personal favourite links!! More to come!

have searched some more for William and i'm narrowing down my choices. Will get in touch with my great uncle and will be taking a trip to my local LDS center in January. Will go into more detail about LDS centers in my next post!!

take care,


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