Saturday, December 18, 2004

Searching For William Fitzsimmons

spent the better part of the night tracing William my gt grandfather. There is nothing better than when you get a new lead on an ancestor! Spent most of the night on the IGI, but unfortunately not much there.

For those of you who are beginner's the IGI is one of your first stops! IGI stands for International Genealogical Index. The Church of the Latter Day Saints is who takes credit for that. On their site there is other searchable databases- the ancestral file, the pedigree file, the 1881 Census for England, and the 1881 Census for Canada etc. So it is definitely worth checking out, as there is a good chance one of your ancestors will be on it!...Click here to get to the IGI

going to go now. I found my gt grandfather in a different part entirely of Ontario, Canada then where I'm from, so going to do some researching about his area to see exactly where it is and what resources are out there for the area!

happy hunting


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